About Extal

Extal is a privately owned international company that specializes in developing systems and manufacturing aluminium profiles. Our company is involved in many branches of industry: construction, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive and more. Extal was established in 1988.


The company's plant and administrative offices are situated in an industrial park close to Jerusalem on an area of 85,000 square meters (915,000 square feet). Extal employs over 250 people from the Jerusalem area and 25% of its workforce is comprised of professionals and university graduates.



Extal is active in both local and international markets where approximately 35% of its production is designated for export.



The company  invested $5,000,000 over the last three years in acquiring and setting up two of the most advanced, cutting-edge production lines in the world, including painting   plants.


Extal is accredited with local and international quality standards: ISO 9001 and the Israeli Standard for Finalization of Production. In addition to these standards, in 2014 Extal received automotive industry standard approval (TS 16949).  Extal conducts diverse business activity among leading architects and aluminium consultants and manufacturers. It is able to uniquely address market demands, while placing an emphasis on design trends and innovation.


Extal has a system of sharing technical information with leading international companies in the various fields of aluminium.


Investment in advanced technology, uncompromising quality, and an excellent customer support system all place Extal at the forefront of achievement and development, while establishing it as a leader in its field.

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