Msg Structural Glazed Curtain Wall

The Msg structural glazing curtain wall system combines glazing bars with capless silicone sealed joints. These walls can either accentuate vertical or horizintal lines or create a facade with no bars at all.

You can glaze the horizontal or vertical lines with glass glazing bars and caps and the lines in the direction perpendicular to them with silicone sealant, which emphasizes the lines with glazed bars. Alternatively, you can use the silicone sealant on all four sides, vertically and horizontally and achieve an all glass look without glazed bars and caps.



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Possible combinations for curtain walls

Door, SG door, concealed window, inswing casement and implicit cover designs.



[single glass]: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm;  [glass layers]: 8-15 mm;  [glass insulation]: 22-42 mm.



You can choose a color from Extal's color fans including (S) satin, (M) metallic or (G) grain.