Mrg Curtain Wall with Glazed Bars

The Mrg curtain wall system is a curtain wall with vertical and horizontal glazed bars that create a grid appearance. Extal can customise the aluminum glazing bar coverings to any preferred design.

A conventional curtain wall. Glazed curtain wall is accomplished by vertical and horizontal glazed bars with topic glass, tin aluminum and more.

In curtain walls, you can combine designed covers and blinds.

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[single glass]: 6, 8, 10, 12 mm;  [glass layers]: 8-15 mm;  [insulated glass]: 22-42 mm.


Possible combinations in curtain wall

Door, concealed and inswing casement.



You can choose a color from Extal's color fans, including: (S) satin, (M) metallic or (G) grain.