Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Doors and windows are primary entry points for intruders. These points of entry offer the least resistance, therefore their security is one of the primary goals of any home or building,

Laminated Glass

The most secure window systems today are made from laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of 2 sheets of glass with a layer of vinyl in between all bonded together to create the equivalent of one sheet of glass. Due to its durability laminated glass is standard in car windshields, curtain walls, skylights and prisons, however it has also become popular for windows and storm door panels in private homes.

In the event of damage or cracking to the laminated glass the vinyl between the two layers acts as an adhesive. Should either of the panes shatter, the shards stick to the vinyl rather than falling or flying in various directions. Would be burglars find the glass much more difficult to break due to its density and the layered design is imperviuos to many glass cutting devices. Even if the glass breaks, the vinyl material remains intact and acts as a difficult barrier to penetrate.

Laminated glass can be designed to resist anything from a croubar to a landgun to a bomd. Laminated glass is known to withstand gale force winds, seismic activity and flying debris. Laminated glass is more fire resistant than other glass.

Further home security measures can include securitybars and burglar alarm systems.